Experience the spectrum with premium botanicals. Our liquids, powders and capsules are responsibly sourced and competitively priced.

What Our Customers are Saying

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“I love ordering from Spectrum Kratom  ‘ www.SpectrumKratom.com ‘ it was convenient and easy; I received my product very quickly. Your Kratom is potent and as someone who suffers from chronic pain, the consistency of the product I receive is highly appreciated. Thank you!” Bill S.

San Dimas, CA

“When I called in to check on an order I wanted rushed, I received top notch customer service! I’m so used to dealing with companies who couldn’t care less about their customers – I’ll be a SpectrumKratom.com customer for life, thanks guys!” Roberta W.

Kodiak, AK

“I ordered the 6 pack of SpectrumKratom.com’s Sunset Tinctures and really enjoyed them. It was definitely a full spectrum tincture – meaning I felt every aspect of the plant. I’ve had other companies claim full spectrum, but now I know what that really means 🙂 It’s also nice to know that I’ll receive the same consistent product every time…Keep up the good work.” Sheila J.

Camden, NJ

“When I took SpectrumKratom.com’s sunset tincture it was the best kratom experience I’ve ever had – Oooooh what a feeling!” Kip M.

Battlecreek, MI

ATTENTION: If you are located in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Vermont, or Wisconsin, unfortunately you are in a state that does not allow Kratom to be imported legally. We apologize we will not be able to sell or ship to anyone located in these states. Dismiss

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